20 Best Work From Home Jobs for 2020

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Are There Real Work From Home Jobs

Work from home is the way to not only earn income; but to balance the two world of work and your personal life.  Quite frankly, the ability to work and not have to deal with stresses like commuting is a bonus.  For many, working from home would be a dream.  Well, I am here to tell you, it’s definitely possible.  In fact, remote jobs are on the raise.  We currently live in a digital era and there are so many opportunities to perform jobs using today’s technology.  More important, companies are beginning to see the benefits of providing more remote positions.  In an effort to lower overhead costs, businesses are quickly shifting to a telecommute structure.  In this post, I will list the 20 best work from home jobs you can perform as an employee and/or as a freelancer (independent contractor).

20 High Demand Remote Jobs for 2020

So let’s get to it.  What are the best remote jobs currently in demand?  Actually, you will be surprise, since these jobs range from Voice overs to teaching; and even graphic design.

Virtual Assistants

As a virtual assistant, you will perform various administrative tasks; including taking phone calls, creating documents, managing emails, scheduling appointments and making travel arrangements.  However, annual salaries are definitely based on your level of skill and experience.

  • Average Annual Salary: $59,343
  • Companies: MyBTLR, Freelancer
  • Education/Experience Level: HS Diploma/GED or higher.  Various experience level

Medical Transcriptions/Healthcare Document Specialist

In short, a medical transcriptionist listens to the physician’s or other medical professionals vocal recordings and then transcribes the information into a typed documents.  This job will require you to have above average typing skills and some knowledge of medical terminology.

  • Average Annual Salary: $39,932
  • Companies: REV, Upwork
  • Education/Experience Level:  HS Diploma/GED or higher.  Entry level Generally will need to know medical terminology


An translators/interpreter will interprets written and spoken materials into one or more languages.  You sometimes will find these roles will overlap with transcriptions/caption positions, as there are many opportunities higher pay if you can translate and transcribe information.

  • Average Annual Salary: $53,970
  • Companies: Freelancer, Upwork, Lionbridge, LanguageLines
  • Education/Experience Level: HS Diploma/GED or higher.  Entry level. Must speak a second language fluently


 Virtual Teachers and Tutors are in high demand primarily for teaching English international.  In detail, virtual teachers and tutor are needed here in the US, as well as international.  Whether, it is a position with an online school or teacher English to an international student.  There are a few sites that allow you to not only work from home; you can even work from your cellphone.  Yes, you cellphone.  Now, how convenient is that?

  • Average Annual Salary: $46,342
  • Companies: VIPKID, Palfish, Chegg
  • Education/Experience Level: Minimum College Degree, some may require TESOL/ TEFL/ Teacher’s certificate.  Entry level and up

Travel Agents

Travel agents will provide travel offers and travel advise in accordance with the needs, wants and capabilities of their clients.  Not only can an virtual travel agent provide deals for their clients, but they can also really take advantage of great discounts for themselves.  Furthermore, you have the options of pursuing a career with a company or taking the independent contractor route.  In most cases, both options allows you the ability to work remotely.

Data Entry

Data entry includes the collection, entering and maintenance of data in a database.  This position generally requires excellent and proficient typing skills.  Not to mention, a keen attention to details.  This is a perfect position if you are a fast and proficient typist.  Since this is a general and basic position, you will find plenty of opportunities.

Customer Service Professionals/Virtual Call Centers

A customer service professional/Virtual Call Center are agents who may do telemarketing/sales, customer service, third-party verification, or technical support for inbound or outbound calls.  These jobs can be performed in a home office, whether than in a centralized location housing a large group.  Most of the positions are offer through a 3rd party for large corporations; such as, Airbnb, Home Depot, AT&T, Disney, Comcast and many more

  • Average Annual Salary: $33,939
  • Companies: Apple, Freelancer, Upwork, LiveOps
  • Education/Experience Level: HS Diploma/GED or higher.  Entry level and up.  Certification is generally provided at your expense

Social Media Manager

In short, a social media manager is responsible for providing relevant content on one or more social media platform.  In addition, a manager is in charge of the planning, marketing, analytics and traffic tracking. As a manager, your sole purpose is to insure the success of the social media account(s).  This would a good role for someone who has a proven track record for successfully establishing the presence of various accounts

  • Average Annual Salary: $49,780
  • Companies: Freelancer, Upwork, Flexjobs
  • Education/Experience Level: HS Diploma/GED or higher.  Entry level and up.

Blogging/Affiliate Marketing

A blogger creates, post and maintain interesting content for their website.  Typically, monetizing the website with various affiliate ads for products and/or services.  Blogging requires disciple, great time management and decent writing skills.

  • Average Annual Salary: $66,066
  • Companies: Freelancer, Upwork
  • Education/Experience Level: HS Diploma/GED or higher.  Entry level and up

Search Engine Evaluator

If you know how to search the internet and find the information you’re looking for; then you surely can perform the duties of a Search Engine Evaluator.  In short, you perform search tasks on various search engines and evaluate the results.  As simple as that.  However, this task is extremely important to the major search engines.  This is how they are able to insure their search results are accurate.  One major advantage to this job, it’s skill level is typically low, but the pay out is on the higher end.  A low skill, high paying job opportunity

  • Average Annual Salary: $71,466
  • Companies: Appen, Freelancer, Upwork, Lionbridge
  • Education/Experience Level: HS Diploma/GED or higher.  Entry level and up

Freelance Writer

Freelance writers are independent contractor who creates and develops content for various outlets and clients.  Even more so, freelance writers can be used to create advertisements, articles, company manuals and so much more.

  • Average Annual Salary: $63,488
  • Companies: Listverse, Freelancer, Upwork,
  • Education/Experience Level: HS Diploma/GED or higher.  Entry level and up. Good grammar and written communication skills

Chat Agent

A chat agent works with customers to answer questions and provide real-time support for their concerns.  In other words, you perform similar duties as a customer service professional; however, you complete your task via chat room.

  • Average Annual Salary: $41,680
  • Companies: The Chat ShopUpwork,
  • Education/Experience Level: HS Diploma/GED or higher.  Entry level and up.


Along the same lines as Medical Transcriptions/Healthcare Document Specialist, a transcription position involve you taking audio and translating it into a documents.  However, in a transcription position you can perform tasks which includes transcribing meeting minutes; or even creating captions for videos.

Social Media Ads Specialist (Facebook, Instagram and Google)

It’s no secret, successfully running paid ads on social media is a special and unique skill.  As a Social Media Ad Specialist, you are solely responsible with planning, creating, maintaining, tracking and targeting marketing campaigns on any of these platforms.  Since this is such a high demand skill, the position yields a higher income

  • Average Annual Salary: $72,880
  • Companies: Upwork, Freelancer, Flexjobs
  • Education/Experience Level: HS Diploma/GED or higher.  Intermediate to advance know of these social media paid advertising platforms


Not to be mistaken as an editor, a proofreader is your eyes for technical and grammatical evaluations.  This position is more suited for those whose grammar skills are far beyond average.  In fact, many jobs will require as much as a graduate degree.  However, there are a few companies who will accept contractors with less education; but you may be required to pass a test.

  • Average Annual Salary: $44,991
  • Companies: LifetipsUpwork, Freelancer, Fiverr
  • Education/Experience Level: HS Diploma/GED or higher.  Entry level and up.

Sales Funnel Manager

First, let’s begin with explaining what is a sales funnel.  A sales funnel is the process in which a company leads a customer through when making a payment.  The process consist of 5 stages: lead, prospect, qualified prospect, commitment and transacted.  As a sales funnel specialist, your task is to establish and maintain successful methods, tools and practices to make your client’s funnel as profitable as possible.  This is a technical and analytical position.  However, the position is quickly becoming in high demand.  There are a few tools and resource available to assistant and educate with this job.  If you’re looking for a position that will put you ahead, this is it.

  • Average Annual Salary: $98,034
  • Companies: Upwork, Freelancer, Kartra
  • Education/Experience Level: HS Diploma/GED or higher.  Entry level and up. Experience in Sales and Marketing will be required

Virtual Recruiter

Not to be mistaken for the work at home recruiting postings requiring you to purchase leads or charging you to set up software.  Surely, there are legitimate virtual recruiter positions available.  Consistent with the job responsibilities of your typical recruiter, a virtual recruiter performs the same tasks; except the job may be worked from your home.

  • Average Annual Salary: $81,102
  • Companies: Upwork, Freelancer, Flexjobs
  • Education/Experience Level: HS Diploma/GED or higher.  Entry level and up. Experience in Sales and Marketing will be required

Graphic Designer

Whether designing a logo, digital marketing material, business cards or social media templates, you can almost certainly earn a decent income as a graphic designer.  Graphic designing is also a great way to create multiple digital products and offer them on e-commerce platforms; such as Etsy.  In this scenario, we would consider this passive income.  It’s low maintenance.  Once you create the material; just sale.  No inventory to maintain.  The majority of the time investment is complete while creating the material

  • Average Annual Salary: $59,084
  • Tools/Resources: Etsy, Ripl, Canva
  • Companies: Freelancer
  • Education/Experience Level: No required education for some opportunity.  Entry level and up. Artistic and technical skills

Voice Overs

Voice over work is any position where a person narrates over video, film, TV commercial, audio books, e-learning courses, radio commercial, or other media.

  • Average Annual Salary: $71,800
  • Companies: Covoco, VoicesUpwork
  • Education/Experience Level: No required education for some opportunity.  Entry level and up. Acting courses may help improve you skills

Online Bookkeeper

If you have experience in bookkeeping and understand basic accounting, this could be an option for you.  Once again, you are simply performing the traditional bookkeeping tasks, but remotely.

  • Average Annual Salary: $50,960
  • Companies: Freelancer, Upwork, ZipRecruiter
  • Education/Experience Level: No required education for some opportunity.  Previous bookkeeping skills needed

In closing, there are pros and cons for each opportunity listed above.  The goal of this post, is to inform you of the possibilities and provide you with resources to move forward if you are interested in working from home.  I am personally committed to a goal to establish 6-8 streams of income on 2020.  This goal lead to diving deeper into the work from home possibilities.  I then made to decision to introduce the new Work From Home section to the blog.  I will continue to post information, resources and job openings.  Please leave me a brief comment expressing your thoughts on this post; and any suggestions of what Work From Home topics you would like to see me cover.

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