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Small Introduction

Hello Happy Savers!

Let’s learn about me! My name is Renea (pronounced like Renee) and I am the proud & dedicated single mother of three outstanding young ladies and the GiGi of one grandson. Yay!  I’m also the founder of Big Happy Savings.  Prior to establishing BHS, I spent years working in Corporate America in management and as a Real Estate professional.  Well, as we all know, life happens and there are times when you find yourself adjusting and clearing a new path.  I’m no stranger to this concept.

As a mother of a daughter diagnosed with special needs, I eventually found myself making a defining and real decision.  Career or family?  Of course, I chose family.  My daughter needed my care full time and there was no way I would have chosen otherwise. Yep, I walked away from my career and began focusing on caring for my daughter’s health.  Well, after about a year all savings were gone, and things were tight; beyond tight.  It was at this point, I begin learning the art of couponing.  Oh, my goodness, this wonderful world of couponing gave me so much relief with providing the things I needed.  Quite frankly, I was upset I had not learned and used these tools sooner in my life.

I also made the decision not to return to the corporate world and to utilize my skills and talents to pursue my dreams.  In doing so, I have successfully established my own ventures.

I wanted to pass my knowledge and provide this information to others.  It was with this desire I decided to create Big Happy Savings in 2016.  Our goal is to provide you with the many opportunities and tools to create your own professional independence.  Big Happy Savings is a lifestyle company offering knowledge, tips, and resources for your personal and professional lives.

Join us to learn more about business, work from home and shopping tips and how to generate additional income from home.

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